The changing landscape of the Portland housing market


Attached are three things related to our market, which we thought you might find of interest.  They show how the city is changing or will be changing.  One of the items is the just released City of Portland comprehensive plan, a 20 yr. long range plan originally developed in 1980.  Periodic  updates of the plan are required by the State of Oregon.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. Adopting the “middle housing” amendment, which supports more housing types (e.g. row houses, townhouses, duplexes, cottage courtyards and ADUs) near centers & corridors close to transit.
  2. Accepting the Commission’s recommendation to convert selected golf courses to industrial land in order to meet employment land needs.
  3. Developing stronger language to protect historic resources.

The City’s new Comprehensive Plan directs most new residential and business growth into mixed use zones along bustling corridors (like Interstate and Barbur) and in vibrant centers (like Hollywood and Montavilla). Policies also encourage more housing choices to accommodate a greater diversity of family sizes, incomes and ages as well as the changing needs of households over time. Even in Portland’s single-dwelling neighborhoods there will be redevelopment and change.

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