Portland Housing

4th Quarter market update (Nov. 2016)

See below for some interesting new data on our market.  Between the continued in-migration, home prices which have risen steeply and are expected to continue to do so, all the new multi-family construction and concerns over affordability, there is a lot going on.  It is still a very good time to be a property owner, […]

Portland considers inclusionary zoning (Sep. 2016)

What should cities do to tackle growing housing affordability problems? Is inclusionary zoning a good way to provide more affordable housing, or will it actually worsen the constrained housing supply that’s a big cause of higher rents?  – Joe Cortright, CityObservatory  

The changing landscape of the Portland housing market

Attached are three things related to our market, which we thought you might find of interest.  They show how the city is changing or will be changing.  One of the items is the just released City of Portland comprehensive plan, a 20 yr. long range plan originally developed in 1980.  Periodic  updates of the plan […]

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